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A Holistic Approach

At Perspective Physical Therapy, we use a holistic approach to achieve lasting results. Most healthcare only focuses on the site of your injury, at Perspective Physical Therapy we focus on the full function of your healthy body.

Your pain may not be felt where the problem lies. For example, the source of your back pain could be a stiff foot or tight hip (or both!). Plus, prior injuries or surgery create a weakness and tightness causing compensations that lead to other injuries.

The first step is to discover the root of the problem. Let’s talk on the phone or meet in-person for about 20 minutes to discuss how Perspective Physical Therapy can help you get back to climbing! Or if you're ready to start an evaluation, make an appointment with us now.

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You Are Unique

Every patient is unique. Therefore, a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your specific situation is vital to getting you back to climbing without pain.

In order to do this, each patient is seen 1-on-1. That way, there is enough time to treat the injured body part, but also find underlying causes and compensations contributing to the injury. 

Our highly effective manual therapy techniques, supplemented with a tailored exercise program, considers the entire human body. This often resolves your pain and accelerates your recovery. This 1-on-1 treatment accomplishes much more in a single session, which often allows for fewer visits than standard “in-network” physical therapy clinics.

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