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What to Expect

Our Treatment Model

If you’ve had physical therapy before, you will notice that your recovery from pain and injury will be an entirely different experience here at Perspective Physical Therapy. Whereas most physical therapy clinics use tools that only get temporary effects (i.e. e-stim, ultrasound, ice/hot packs), we use a holistic approach which often yields lasting results.


Every Patient is Unique

We believe each patient is their own unique individual. Therefore, a rehabilitation program tailored towards their specific needs is absolutely necessary. In order to do this, each patient is seen 1-on-1 so that there is enough time to not only treat the injured body part, but also find the underlying causes and compensations contributing to the injury. 

We find that when we are able to provide this 1-on-1 service there is a decrease in chance of re-injury, and we can incorporate the patient’s lifestyle needs into their personalized program for a lasting recovery. We do NOT believe in following protocols that have patients doing the same few exercises over and over, most of which they could be doing at home on their own, that only achieve temporary results. 


A Holistic Approach

Whereas most healthcare only focuses on the site of your injury, at Perspective Physical Therapy we focus on the full function of a healthy body. This is such an important concept when finding the root causes of what’s causing your pain.

Often times where you feel the pain isn’t where the problem lies. For example, the source of your back pain could be coming from a stiff foot or tight hip (and often it’s both!). Having a prior injury or surgery can create a site of weakness and tightness that causes compensations leading to injuries elsewhere in the body.

It’s important to understand how the human body works as an entire system rather than a collection of smaller body parts. By viewing the body through this lens, and treating the entire individual, we are able to achieve greater outcomes so that you can return to doing the things you love to do.


At Perspective Physical Therapy, we only spend time on aspects of rehabilitation you can’t reproduce on your own.

Our main goal at Perspective Physical Therapy is to get you back to doing the activities you love as quickly and safely as possible. The focused 1-on-1 attention gives us enough time to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms so that we can come up with a customized treatment plan to assist you in your recovery.

Our highly effective manual therapy techniques, supplemented with a tailored exercise program, takes the entire human body into consideration which often resolves your pain and accelerates your recovery. Because we are able to provide this 1-on-1 treatment, we are able to accomplish much more in our session which often allows patients to recover in less visits than standard “in-network” physical therapy clinics.

If our treatment approach sounds like something you could benefit from, ask about appointment availability or sign up for a free consultation (Austin residents only) with a Doctor of Physical Therapy from our team.

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