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Focused Therapeutic Exercise

“An organism that doesn’t move, dies.”

                                                             -Brad Gray

An important part in making a 100% recovery

Therapeutic exercise is a vital part of our practice and directly correlates with your results. While we are able to reduce your pain and increase your range of motion with our manual therapy techniques, it’s the therapeutic exercise you apply that allows your body to utilize these improvements to ultimately restore strength, accelerate healing, and fix harmful compensations that you’ve developed. 

Many times our patients tell us they have been resting their injury for a lengthy amount of time only to be disappointed when their pain returns when resuming activities. While rest is warranted in certain situations, Movement is the best medicine for many of the injuries we see. 

We teach our patients movement-based exercises and stretches as part of their “Home Exercise Program” which can be performed outside of the clinical setting. After teaching our patients the exercises and stretches they need to do, they are then responsible for completing their home exercise program on their own time. The time patients spend in the clinic is solely reserved for accomplishing things that they cannot reproduce or perform themselves. Hearing stories of physical therapists having patients merely repeating all their home exercises in the clinic is so disheartening… it is such a waste of time and money!

How does Perspective Physical Therapy determine how much exercise is necessary?

We believe that connective tissue needs to be appropriately loaded in order to adapt to the stresses placed on it. 

When new injuries arise that are accompanied with swelling, we typically advise our patients to revise their exercise routines to allow adequate physiological healing to take place. As your symptoms improve and the swelling decreases, we start to load the tissues and joints with more exercises to allow tissue adaptation to occur. 

We choose exercises tailored to your specific needs so that you can recover quickly and return to your pain-free lifestyle.

What if the exercises prescribed makes my condition worse?

Muscle soreness is a common symptom we expect our patients to feel following our home exercise programs. However, if you are feeling something other than muscle soreness (i.e. sharp or shooting pain) contact us so we can help make the appropriate changes. Distinguishing between injury-pain and exercise-soreness is important in providing us feedback which then allows us to make the appropriate changes to your exercise program.

Are exercises the only thing I need to do at home?

In addition to the therapeutic exercises we prescribe, we teach our patients how to perform self-treatment techniques on themselves. Using tools such as foam rollers, trigger point balls, therapy balls, and “voodoo bands” can foster the healing process.

How will I know when I’m ready to participate in activities again?

“The test is the exercise and the exercise is the test”  -Gray Institute

As early as we can, when it’s appropriate, we incorporate components of your sport or activity into your rehabilitation program. Your home program is not strictly a bunch of “strengthening exercises.” It needs to incorporate the same movements and demands required by the activity you’re trying to get back to. If you’re a runner, running needs to be part of your home program. If you’re a climber, climbing needs to be part of your home program. Whatever activity you desire to get back to, it needs to be a part of your home program.

In doing so we make your transition from physical therapy to your desired activity as seamless as possible. There should not be a question of when you are ready because you should feel ready by the end of your rehabilitation program.

If our approach to recovery sounds like one that you will benefit from, click here to set up a Free Phone Consultation, or if you're ready to get started click here to make an appointment for a full evaluation.

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