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Gait/Posture Analysis

Have you ever experienced pain while hiking? Maybe sitting for a long time starts to trigger your low back pain? Both of these issues are tied to how you walk and your posture.


Gait is just a fancy way of saying “how you walk.” How you walk tells us a lot about your body. Your asymmetries become exaggerated and can often lead us to what is causing your pain. By improving your walking ability we can not only make your pain go away, but more importantly we reduce the chance of it ever coming back!


Posture is the resting position of your body against gravity whether you are sitting or standing. Contrary to popular belief, posture is not how straight you sit or stand, rather, it’s about getting in the best position to allow your body to breathe the most efficiently. By improving your posture (and thus your breathing) we can reduce the strain placed on supporting muscles and joints thereby relieving a lot of the pressure and pain you might be feeling.

Walking and posture go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re each important on their own, but when combined together we can get a better picture of the entire individual to provide a custom treatment program that allows quicker and more effective recoveries.

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